FISE Start

Boost your innovation and entrepreneurship project through activities that promote its exposure and connection with development opportunities.

We promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the Electrical Industry

Companies in the Electrical Industry have a high component of innovation in their processes, necessary for their sustainability, profitability, and growth. Great Ideas are also conceived through entrepreneurial companies, which require visibility in the big industry to take advantage of these ideas for the improvement of their products and services.

This is why we highlight their work and support these initiatives through activities that promote their exposure and connection with companies that may be interested in these ideas and entrepreneurship projects.

We have two activities that contribute to this goal:

FISE Innovation Award

The FISE Innovation Award is a recognition aimed at Colombian companies that have dedicated part of their work teams to research and study how to improve their processes or create new products and / or services. This is carried out based on innovative initiatives regarding a target market or the Colombian electrical industry and the value generated should be tangible to be called innovations.

These innovative companies that are constantly looking for new ways to operate or expand their scope of work, have a space in FISE Start to present their ideas and access to financial benefits and recognition in the industry.
The FISE Innovation Award call is open the year before FISE takes place and the process is completed the week of the Exhibition with the award ceremony.

FISE Power Startup

Entrepreneurs always have a special place at FISE and in alliance with the Medellin Mayor’s Office they have the opportunity to present their products and services at this important event.

Since 2020, FISE developed a special space for entrepreneurs who aim their ideas to solve challenges in the electrical industry in the LATAM Region, inviting them to experience a day at FISE Power Start Up, a space in which they will have the opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs, investors, banking, and other players of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.