November 14ᵗʰ to 16ᵗʰ, 2023

Plaza Mayor Medellín Convenciones y Exposiciones

The event will take place across all the venue’s pavilions.

You will find a wide and diverse display of products and services:

Manufacturers and suppliers of machinery, equipment, and infrastructure for the entire chain of the electrical industry in high-voltage, medium-voltage, and low-voltage.

Consulting services companies, engineering, O&M, electrical installations, among others.

Technology companies at the service of the Electrical Industry.

Power & Utilities.

All the national and international players that take part of Electrical Industry value chain will be at FISE.

We develop activities for FISE connect, FISE talks and FISE start within the framework of FISE:

Networking is a fundamental part of this event. Therefore, we create spaces for business meetings and networking activities between supply and demand. Attendees and exhibitors will be able to learn about new products and services and find new business opportunities.

Knowledge is an exceptional addition for those who visit the event. With the recurring high standard academic event, attendees have the opportunity to update themselves and go into detail about current issues and trends as well as to share with exhibitors through their specialized technical sessions.

Companies in the Electrical Industry have a high component of innovation in their processes, this is required for their sustainability, profitability, and growth. For this reason, we highlight their work and make these initiatives visible through activities that promote their advertising, visibility and connection with companies that may be interested in these ideas.

We create a space for companies of the electrical industry, and related goods and services, to promote their products and services and access to business opportunities.

We encourage commercial exchange opportunities by integrating supply and demand through the National and International Business Meetings.

We create dynamic spaces that allow networking between institutions with the purpose of achieving national and international commercial agreements and strategic partnerships.