Why to participate in FISE?

At FISE you will find in the same place an extensive selection of products and services for the electrical industry from different countries, you will also be able to access to opportunities expanding your market share through partnerships and new businesses, benchmark the market potential, access to a large number of relevant contacts in a short time, strengthen your corporate image and attract agents, distributors, and collaborators. FISE is the right place to interact with exhibitors and attendees from all segments of the industry’s value chain and learn first-hand about products, processes, and market trends.

Who is attending FISE?

Our attendees are national and international representatives from all the electrical industry value chain and companies in other productive sectors interested in improving their industrial processes through new products or services. Additionally, FISE attendees will have the opportunity to bring themselves up to date about market trends, gaining new knowledge with national and international experts, expanding their contacts network, and accomplishing new businesses in the medium and long term.

Attendees and buyers that can be potential business opportunities for exhibitors:

Manufacturers, retailers, distributors and national and international representatives for the electrical industry products and services.

Suppliers and buyers of related goods and services: technology, laboratories, certification institutions, efficiency services, among others.

Companies in the productive sector:
steel, metallurgy, plastics, oil, hydrocarbons, and mining.

Companies in the productive sector:
construction, metalworking, cement, assemblers, food, beverages, and meat, among others.

Home utility companies that belong to the electric power service supply chain.

Research and development centers.


Academic institutions.

Government and institutions.

Financial institutions.

Businesspeople, executives, and professionals.