FISE Experiences

Since our seventh edition, we developed separate spaces meant for experiencing how technology and the Electrical Industry are impacting our environment and the way we consume and produce energy.

Smart City Experience

For the last two FISE editions (2017 and 2019), in alliance with the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana – UPB, an entertaining and experiential commercial exhibition was set up in the Green Pavilion by setting up a Smart City Experience. This strategy aimed to have an interactive space where it was possible to observe how elements related to the new forms of production and consumption of electric energy, will gradually integrate into the traditional electrical market and in our environments. In this setting, the end consumer will play an active role, supported by the elements of distributed generation in conjunction with the technological innovations that enable the interaction of the microgrids that are being formed in these systems.

The Smart City Experience has served to present how in an energy transition process, the new elements mentioned will be gradually integrated, which will transform the current way of understanding and participating in many of the links in the electrical industry chain.

In the Smart City Experience, the attending / exhibiting audience had the opportunity to be in contact with new elements within a life-size city, having the opportunity to experience the performance and operation of these elements responsible for the energy transition that the electrical industry is experiencing. The main goal is to find different ways to accomplish an efficient and clean production and consumption of electrical energy, in the pursuit of having a sustainable environment.

We are always aware of market and environmental changes in order to include activities or experiences that make the Event a space that, in addition of promoting business and networking, also delivers activities that reveal through its exhibitors the continuous market changes and adjustments as a response to the new challenges that are taking place.