We create the perfect setting to connect with suppliers

We create negotiation spaces where companies interested in acquiring products and / or services from the electrical industry can reach their potential suppliers directly. The main players in this market get together at FISE, which is why it is a setting where contacts, negotiations, partnerships, and opportunity to access to market innovations and new technologies happen all in one place.

It is the best opportunity to find very good quality suppliers with a very extensive selection of products and services.

The following three important groups will be part of the companies that can act as buyers:

Electrical industry:
Companies in the electric power supply chain, P&U: Generators, Transmitters, Distributors and Retailers.

Suppliers of products and goods:
Manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and representatives that require supplies or materials for manufacturing and / or expanding their distribution, marketing, or representation network.

Those who may find in FISE the opportunity to find partners to complement their portfolio.

Real economy companies:
Construction, iron and steel, metallurgy, metalworking, plastics, cement, assemblers, food and beverages, among others, who see the opportunity to find in FISE products or services that improve their production processes towards efficiency and savings.

Yuliana Arango

Coordinadora comercial FISE
+57  311 382 6453